Production of niche products in Ukraine opens the possibility for a small producer to become a big player - O. Trofimtseva

Cultivation and processing of niche crops is an interesting direction of diversification of production and exports for small farmers and large companies. This was stated by the Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine on issues of European integration Olga Trofimtsova, reports Expert Agro.

The advantage is that there is relatively little competition in these niches. Often, niche crops do not require significant investment in production organization, but at the same time they provide a high level of profitability, "noted Olga Trofimtsova.

According to her, right now Ukrainian small producers need to focus on interesting and new niches of production, as this will give significant starting advantages to become a serious player in high-margin markets in the near future.

"Niche cultures, in my personal belief, are today an interesting, promising, profitable direction of agribusiness development in the segment of small and medium-sized companies. We, on the part of the Ministry, in close cooperation with the relevant associations, will provide comprehensive support - from information to organizational and other for the successful work of our producers and exporters both in the domestic and foreign markets, "the Deputy Minister summed up.

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