In Ukraine, production of agricultural products by 2025 will grow by 25% - experts

In Ukraine, by 2025, the production of gross agricultural products can grow by 25% compared to 2016 - up to 316 billion UAH. Provided that the average annual growth rate of agricultural production is at least 2.1%. This was reported by the press service of the National Research Center "Institute of Agrarian Economics".

In particular, according to experts' forecasts, crop production by 2025 will increase 24% - up to 220.4 billion UAH, with an average annual growth rate of at least 2%. In addition, with an average annual growth of agricultural production at 2.4%, gross production of livestock products by 2025 may reach about 95.7 billion UAH.

It is noted that the realization of such a forecast will be possible if the prices for the sale of agricultural products cover the costs of agrarians and provide them with a 14 per cent profit rate on the capital advanced to production, including the value of land.

Recall that earlier experts predicted that the production of crop production following the results of 2017 will remain at the level of the previous year and amount to 184.9 billion UAH., And the gross production of livestock products in Will be reduced by 0.6% to 68.8 billion UAH.

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