The area of ​​grain and leguminous sowing in Ukraine exceeded 3 million hectares

As of April 25, grain and leguminous crops in Ukraine were sown with 3.1 million hectares, which is 43% of the forecasted area. This was reported by the press service of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine.

In particular, the sowing area of ​​early crops was 2.3 million hectares (96%), incl. Spring wheat - 160 thousand hectares (89% of the forecast), spring barley - 1.5 million hectares (93%), oats - 195 thousand hectares (95%), peas - 375 thousand hectares (114% to the forecast ). The sowing of maize for grain at the reporting date was 836 thousand ha (19%).

Seeding of oilseeds is also continuing: by April 25, there have been planted 1.8 million hectares (33%) of sunflower, soybean - 100 thousand hectares (5%).

The area of ​​sugar beet sowing at the reporting date was 284 thousand hectares (97%).

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